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Twinmotion Download

Articles Michael Warr 18 September 2020


Twinmotion Download

If you haven’t already updated to Twinmotion 2020, you’re missing out. Worried about losing your previous version? Don’t be. You retain access to any Twinmotion version you have acquired in the past. Prior versions are separate installations which can be run side-by-side with your current version. Epic Games have released a short 30-minute webinar highlighting all the new features of this award-winning real-time rendering solutions. 

On this YouTube channel, you’ll find a whole lot more content to supercharge your skills. 

Don’t forget to check the system requirements. Performance issues and crashing are directly related to hardware specifications. 


Twinmotion has high system requirements. If you experience any issues and meet the above requirements be sure to check out these tips: https://twinmotionhelp.epicgames.com/s/article/What-to-check-if-Twinmotion-crashes?language=en_US 

This update includes new tools for animation and phasing, more realistic materials and effects, and new animated and smart assets.

This is a free update for AC24 users with SSA and those who have 2020 installed.
The AC24 Direct Link is also available now.
If you already have Twinmotion 2020 installed, you can install the update from the Epic Games launcher

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