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Using the Find & Select tool

Tips and Tricks Jenna Durham 10 January 2023


Using the Find & Select tool

The Find & Select tool is a powerful feature when it comes to making changes, and identifying inconsistencies, particularly in developed projects.

When there are hundreds of elements on screen, and elements are in the wrong places, or just with the wrong settings, identifying these by eye can be impossible, but the parametric criteria system used in the Find & Select tool makes these kinds of audits easy.

boxed in red is the find and select tool command

The tool can also be opened quickly by pressing ctrl + F in Windows or cmd⌘ + F in macOS.

Criteria can then be added from a list by clicking the ‘Add…‘ button and selected with the ‘+‘ button. The tool can also be used to remove particular elements from a selection by clicking the ‘‘ button

showing the options under find & select command

Complex criteria sets are possible, with no limit to the number of criteria.

Store as... and Import Criteria Sets...

The tool includes preset searches and custom search criteria can be saved for later.


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