SOLIDWORKS Assembly Modelling

Master the use of SOLIDWORKS for creating and editing assemblies. Learn how to parametrically relate different components in the context of an assembly, master the art of creating and managing all types of mates, save time designing complex mechanisms, create multiple variations of your design, perform quick selections of component, and become confident working fast with large assemblies.

  • Lesson 1: Top-Down Assembly Modelling

  • Lesson 2: Assembly Features and Smart Fasteners

  • Lesson 3: Advanced Mate Techniques

  • Lesson 4: Using Configurations with Assemblies

  • Lesson 5: Display States and Appearances

  • Lesson 6: Assembly Editing

  • Lesson 7: Layout-based Assembly Design

  • Lesson 8: Large Assemblies

Learning Objectives
On completion of this course you will know how to create assemblies using bottom-up and top-down design approaches. Control and automate your assemblies with configurations. Resolve assembly design problems. Use sketches to layout the design of your assemblies. Better manage large assemblies and save time.

Solidworks Essentials . At least one month using software.

Delivery Mode
3 Days Virtual Classroom
3 Days Face to Face

Qualification Issued
Certificate of Achievement

More About This Course
This course is suitable for those who creates or uses assemblies in their SOLIDWORKS designs

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