Learn how to create complex sheetmetal parts. You will learn how to build complex sheet metal models (Standalone or multibody) by using the various flange feastures, or converting solid bodies directly into sheet metal parts. You will also learn how to apply forming tools, create flat patterns and how to detail parts in a drawing.

  • Basic Flange Features
  • Working with the Flat Pattern
  • Additional Sheet Metal Techniques
  • Converting to Sheet Metal
  • Multibody Sheet Metal parts
  • Forming Tools and Gussets
  • Additional Sheet Metal functions

Learning Objectives
On completion of this course you will be able to create sheet metal parts and apply sheet metal features. Import sheet metal parts from other CAD systems and convert them into Solidworks sheetmetal parts. Create sheet metal parts from within your assembly documents

Solidworks Essentials . At least one month using software.

Delivery Mode
2 days face to face
2 days virtual classroom

Qualification Issued
Certificate of Achievement

More About This Course
Who is it for?
Users who need to learn how to model sheet metal parts that will be manufactured using a variety of forming processes

Course level

Skills you will acquire
How to apply Edge and Miter Flanges. Ability to add Tabs, Hems, and cuts. Convert solids to sheetmetal

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