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Why choose Central Innovation?

The clue is in our name: innovation.

Since 1990, we have offered the very best design technology to the architectural, engineering, construction and manufacturing industries. Where no solution exists, we create one.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between technology, and what you can get out of it.

We don’t just provide industry-leading software such as  SOLIDWORKSArchicad or Solibri: but the training, technical support and resources to transform the way you work.

We do more than provide the pieces of the puzzle: we help you integrate your hardware software and people to streamline processes. Replace manual process with system integration solutions. Remove inefficiencies. Improve collaboration.

There’s another clue in our name as to why you should choose us: Central.

We put you first. Our award-winning team of technical experts, specialist consultants and highly-qualified instructors are focused on you, and your needs.

While award-winning software might be part of the solution, perhaps the real issue is lightning-fast hardware to save valuable time.

You might want industry-leading training or recruitment services to bring your people up to speed. Only to discover that it’s the processes that need smoothing out.

Let us work with you to discover, solve and deliver a truly effective solution.

To find out more about what we offer, and what we can do, please explore this site. Then contact us to experience the innovation that is centred on you.