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Add sketch text to design table

Tips and Tricks Micah 10 June 2015

Below was a question I’ve been asked on support numerous times;

Is it possible to add an array of text/labels into a design table. For example I want to create dozens of identical parts but with a unique extruded boss label driven by a design table.

  1. You can create a design table, then in File/Properties/Configuration Specific enter a property, choose text, and write a note.
  2. Next; create a sketch in your part and use the Text tool to place your desired text onto the model.
  3. Click to link the note to the newly created configuration specific property, in step 1.
  4. Create a Design Table, you can control the property value using the column heading $prp@property where “property” is looking for the title of the configuration specific custom property EXACTLY as it appears in the File/Properties/Configuration Specific.
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