Reduce the time and cost of your design-to-manufacturing process by generating drawings of parts and assemblies that help you communicate how to manufacture your models.

    Connected to the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, Drafter is a Windows-based application that rapidly derives 2D drawings from 3D models. Whenever you modify your 3D model, your drawings update instantly. With Drafter’s comprehensive, production-quality 2D drawing and detailing capabilities, designers and engineers can easily annotate and add dimensions to drawings and, with data saved to the cloud, are able to share drawings in real time.

    • Quickly generate drawings from your 3D parts and assemblies.
    • Easily apply dimensions, annotations and cross-sections to your drawings.
    • 2D drawings are always up-to-date as they update instantly when you modify your 3D model thanks to powerful integration.
    • View, share, annotate, discuss and manage drawings from anywhere, at any time and on any device with a web browser.
    • Avoid rework and data translation errors through seamless interaction with 3DEXPERIENCE design tools such as 3D Creator and 3D Sculptor.
    • Enable design and engineering teams to collaborate more closely through a seamless connection.
    • Collaborate with all internal and external team members through cloud-based dashboards, messaging, activity streams, communities and drag-and-drop task management.
    • Create, save, duplicate, delete, exchange, lock and manage drawings securely, sharing only what you want and controlling what other team members can do with design data.