Lesson 1: Review of the Basics
Lesson 2: Understanding Drawing Templates
Lesson 3: Customising the Sheet Format
Lesson 4: Saving and testing the Sheet Format
Lesson 5: Creating Additional Sheet Formats and Templates
Lesson 6: Advanced Options for Drawing Views
Lesson 7: Understanding Annotation Views
Lesson 8: Advanced Detailed Tools
Lesson 9: Advanced Options for BOM Tables
Lesson 10:Additional SOLIDWORKS Tables
Lesson 11:Additional Drawing Tools
Lesson 12:Managing Performance

Learning Objectives
The SOLIDWORKS Drawings course focuses in-depth on creating and managing complex drawings of SOLIDWORKS models (parts and assemblies) using the ANSI or ISO standards.
You will learn how to quickly create and detail any type of drawing views, insert parametric Bill of Materials, Cut Lists or other parametric data tables, customise drawing sheets, and creating smart title blocks.

Students attending this course are expected to have:
  • Completed the SOLIDWORKS Essentials course
  • Mechanical Design experience
  • Experience with Windows operating system

  • Delivery Mode
    3 days face to face
    3 days virtual classroom

    Qualification Issued
    Certificate of Achievement

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