SOLIDWORKS Education Edition

  • The complete CAD teaching tool. Featuring software plus a full curriculum and interactive courseware, SOLIDWORKS® Education Edition is your all-inclusive resource for teaching 3D mechanical CAD, design validation, and data management.

    As a complete design, engineering, and analysis software suite, the SOLIDWORKS® Education Edition has everything your students need to succeed.

    Easy to teach and learn, SOLIDWORKS offers innovative software tools, curriculum, and tutorials for elementary, high school, vocational school, and university levels.

    Plus, it includes academic resources for design, simulation, and documentation – with instructor training and support, all in one intuitive package.

    SOLIDWORKS has a short learning curve, and as a result students can easily translate ideas into models, and models into prototypes. Throughout the process, they’ll also gain invaluable communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. When combined with math, science, and engineering principles, SOLIDWORKS is the key to preparing students for challenging and rewarding careers.

    “SOLIDWORKS is number one by virtue of its ease-of-use and functionality.”

    – Lorenzo Haupt, General Manager, NEC

  • SOLIDWORKS Education Edition includes:

    • SOLIDWORKS Premium Software
    • SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium
    • SOLIDWORKS Motion
    • SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation
    • SOLIDWORKS Plastics
    • SOLIDWORKS Sustainability
    • Complete Curriculum, including a Teacher Guide and Student Guides, that makes teaching easier at every level.
    • Extensive interactive Courseware projects
    • Access to our online educational community, plus our library of articles, tutorials, product resources, and more.

    Software available in both standalone and network license versions.

  • With over 31,000 education and research customers worldwide, SOLIDWORKS helps graduating engineers and designers succeed in their careers through innovation. Your trial will be fully functional, watermarked and for educational use only.

    Experience firsthand how SOLIDWORKS can make a difference in your class and on your campus.

    Enquire now to get a free 60-day SOLIDWORKS trial for your class and curriculum development