Template Creation

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    Learn how to build a template to enforce office standards and efficient workflows.

A BIM Workflow can minimise the requirement for re-work and re-creation of design information, compared to a traditional CAD approach. Optimising your work with templates is one of the key methods to improve your efficiency while working in ArchiCAD.
Although more effort is required at the initial push at early project stages, less work is needed to be done at later project stages.

The time and effort put into every project start-up are heavily dependent on the quality of the template that is utilised, therefore, it is worth investing in producing a quality and relevant template for the office needs.
This training offers an overview of the responsibilities and technical knowledge of the Template Manager in relation to the task of creating and managing an office template. It summarises the core activities and provides an implementation and audit methodology.

An office template is a predefined, "empty" file that contains all the necessary information for starting a new project, based on the applicable national and company CAD/BIM standards. It will dictate that all new projects work to an agreed consistent standard and ensure efficiency and usability of the project files and workflows, producing the highest quality delivery.

Learning Objectives
By the end of this course, attendees will have a good understanding of:

  • The role and responsibility of the Template Manager

  • The preparations needed to be done before starting developing a template

  • The various strategies that should be followed

  • The content that is suitable for a template

  • The key settings that are vital for the creation of an efficient office template

  • The documentation and training that is required for the roll-out of the office template

  • The review and update process

Solid intermediate level of ArchiCAD knowledge is required

Delivery Mode
1 day face to face
1 day virtual classroom

Qualification Issued
Certificate of Achievement

An ArchiCAD BIM Manager Certification Course

More About This Course
Software Requirements

Participants must have access to a computer with the latest version of ArchiCAD

This course does not offer a complete ArchiCAD template. It introduces the attendees to the most important concepts and strategies of creating an efficient office template, to suit their own needs and office standards

Who is it for?
The Template Creation Course is recommended for professionals, BIM Managers/Champions with a technical interest in successful and complete BIM implementation and execution of standardised BIM-based workflows in an architectural practice

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