Ci Keynotes

  • End the tedium and potential errors of annotating your Archicad drawings by using Ci Keynotes.

    Keynotes allows you to annotate your drawings quickly and simply with greater accuracy by providing a framework to create a database of notes (or to transfer an existing database) so that notes automatically attach to elements based on their attributes.

    You can place a full note without any reference directly on a drawing, or place a reference key on the drawing and then Keynotes compiles a schedule of these notes.

    “I have just installed Keynotes for AC18 and felt compelled to let you know that your team have done a fantastic job, I am loving the new workflow.”

    – J Ottaway

  • End the tedium and eliminate errors.

    • Display notes in different formats (ie, any combination of ‘Key’, ‘Short Description’, ‘Long Description’, ‘Specification Reference’)
    • Find and replace notes
    • Place notes directly onto view as independent labels
    • Attach notes to model attributes (materials, wall composites, etc), and create labels in all views that include these attributes
    • Import notes from tab- or comma-separated text files
    • Edit notes within Archicad
    • Add note schedules to layouts
    • Create a single schedule of all notes used in the project.


    Customise your Notes Schedule

    • Globally change the look of your Keynote labels by updating the default settings
    • Change the look of a single Keynote label by selecting it individually
    • Easily turn on / off various parts of the Keynote Label
  • Premium package

    Access to 12 Tools*, including Annotate, Cabinets, Coverings, Doors+Windows, Electrical, Keynotes, Metadata, Objective, Quantities, Shortcut, Stairs, and Transformer

    Exclusive free Archicad objects and resources

    Priority support: we use an online support ticket system to manage your enquiries, and aim to respond to you within 2 business days – if not before.

    Month-by-month plan AUD $80 /month (more currencies available)

    or Annual billing AUD $800 /year


    Professional package

    Access to 7 Tools*, including Cabinets, Coverings, Doors+Windows, Electrical, Keynotes, Objective, and Stairs

    Month-by-month plan AUD $59 /month (more currencies available)

    or Annual billing AUD $590 /year


    Basic package

    Access to 2 Tools*

    Month-by-month plan AUD $35 /month (more currencies available)

    or Annual billing AUD $350 /year


    Note: The Basic Plan allows for only one combination of two tools, no matter how many subscriptions you buy. For example, if you have 3 seats of Archicad you would need to buy 3 Basic Plans which would give each seat access to the same two tools.

    You will be asked to choose which two tools you want included in your plan as you proceed through the checkout process.

    To change the tools in your plan please make an enquiry.

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