• DDS-CAD: The Open BIM solution for MEP engineers

    Data Design System (DDS) has convinced customers worldwide with its proven CAD/BIM software for MEP project design. Regarding innovation and functionality, DDS delivers solutions for electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and photovoltaic systems. All DDS-CAD products support the Open BIM design process.

    Specifically for planning PV projects, DDS has developed DDS-CAD PV. The software enables the planning of PV systems for a number of applications. Whether roof, facade, or ground mounted, the system can be planned and visualized in 2D and 3D.

    “Benefit from integrated multi-disciplinary control functions such as clash detection, model validity checks, correct object connections, cross-disciplinary collision detection and real time clash prevention.”

  • As a tool for consistent project design and complete system documentation, DDS-CAD PV will deliver detailed assembly plans, complete bills of material, string plans, system diagrams and reports. Of course the system will also provide an integrated yield simulation, which is calculated with the renowned “Polysun Inside” plug-in. Even automatic inverter maping is provided by the software.

    Due to the modular nature of the software, DDS-CAD PV can be extended with the Electrical module, providing advanced electrical planning features within the same project.

  • The Open BIM solution for MEP engineers
    DDS-CAD is a powerful and customisable Open BIM solution for integrated planning of all building services (Mechanical, Electrical, Fire systems and Plumbing). With its in-house developed CAD/BIM core it is one of the fastest and most versatile Open BIM solutions currently available on the market for MEP engineers. The software runs fully stand-alone, not requiring any 3rd party software.

    Fully Modular
    DDS-CAD is not a standard one-size-fits-all software product. Different modules are available in various configurations for mechanical, electrical and plumbing design. The software can be used for single disciplines (e.g. only electrical) or as a multidisciplinary solution. As a user you only invest in the functionalities that are required.

    Open BIM
    DDS-CAD both imports and processes architectural IFC files that are created by leading architectural software tools such as Allplan, ARCHICAD, Vectorworks and Revit. The intelligent IFC object mapper allows you to reuse and enrich information from the architectural model, tailoring it for MEP calculations and systems design.

    DWG, DXF and PDF
    If you do not have access to building models in IFC format, you can still utilise the powerful capabilities of DDS-CAD by using DWG, DXF or PDF as reference floor plans. Based on these source files you can create an intelligent building model by using the BIM Enhancer functionalities. DDS-CAD supports DWG, DXF, 3D DWG and PDF import and export.

    Complete MEP Design
    With DDS-CAD you have a complete product suite for drafting, designing and documenting Mechanical, Electrical, Fire systems and Plumbing systems. The compatible and integrated design capabilities provide automated model quality checks, cross-discipline collision detection and real-time clash prevention.

    Coordinated Designs
    With DDS-CAD you produce fully coordinated designs. Most of the BIM software applications on the market offer clash detection functionalities. DDS-CAD, on the other hand, provides advanced real-time clash prevention. Automatically prevent clashes with other MEP systems and even structural elements (e.g. beams and columns) on the go!

    Integrated Calculations
    DDS-CAD differentiates itself from all the other tools by providing real-time, building model based, integrated calculations. For each of the available modules, disciplines specific calculations are available, ranging from volt drop, pressure loss, U-value, heat load, air flow requirements, drinking water, automatic system dimensioning, and more.

    Parts Lists
    With a single mouse click, DDS-CAD generates complete multidisciplinary parts lists that can be sorted on a component, building, storey or room level. A parts list can be used as direct input for procurement software, providing you direct and quick cost estimates of projects.

    Thanks to its modular structure, DDS-CAD provides the perfect basis for a multi-user environment. The modules can be accessed simultaneously on the
    same project by users, allowing them to work within the different disciplines at the same time.

    Product Databases
    Off-the-shelf, DDS-CAD comes with extensive product databases for the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing modules. These databases include the symbol, 2D and 3D representation of generic and parametric products, giving you a solid basis for directly starting your project design and documentation.