Archicad Essential Skills – AU

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    Learn how to fully model a basic Building Information Model and produce drawings from it with Archicad – a leading building information modeling solution!

Our ArchiCAD Essential Skills Course teaches you how to fully model a basic Building Information Model and produce working drawings from it using ArchiCAD BIM software.
Using a hands on project based approach our accredited trainer will teach you:

  • Basic Archicad Set Up and concepts

  • Setting up a project

  • Modeling a basic building

  • Archicad and Ci Tools - Doors and Windows

  • Sections and Elevations

  • Extensions

  • Saving views

  • Site and Foundation/li>
  • Annotation/Dimensioning Important concepts

  • Multi Story Projects

  • Schedules and Lists

  • More Model Detail

  • Drawings and Layouts

  • Sun and Shadow

  • Rendering

Learning Objectives
By the end of this three day course you will understand:

  • The advantages of Building Information Modelling

  • How to setup and manage a project

  • The functionality of ArchiCAD's principal Tools

  • The method of producing a project with associated documentation

  • Extracting basic data from the Model

  • Prerequisites

    • General computer skills.

    • It is strongly recommended that students complete volumes 1 and 2 of the ArchiCAD Training Series as preparation for this course.

    Delivery Mode
    3 days Face to Face
    3 days Virtual Classroom

    Qualification Issued
    Certificate of Achievement

    An ArchiCAD User Certification course

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