Archicad START Edition 2022

  • With Archicad Start Edition 2022, you have all the necessary tools to create a BIM that is data-rich and able to produce all floor plans, sections, elevations, 3D views and details for a project.

    + Harness the full power of the Archicad BIM workflow.
    + Stay in the creative design flow with the least possible interruptions.
    + Keep your design model “alive” until the end of the project design documentation phase.
    + Gain intelligent, model-based data exchange with other disciplines.
    + Get all the features you need, then upgrade as your requirements grow.


    Optimised Workflows

    The new released versions of Archicad 26 and Start Edition 2022 bring more streamlined navigation and graphic override improvements. It is easier to track changes and model compare. Both systems offer native survey point, object settings elevation and 3D previews free rotate and the ability to hide contours in model views of cut and uncut parts of elements.



    Both systems feature improvements to stairs including new tread symmetry combinations, landing control and stair construction geometry. Get life-like interiors including modular kitchen cabinets with any 2D or 3D view of polygonal openings.


    Main differences

    A core difference is that Start Edition does not have support for Rhino 6 and 7. It also is more limited in its support for Open BIM. Archicad 26 offers the following features which are not present in the Start Edition.


    Archicad 26 Open BIM

    + RFA and RVT Geometry Exchange
    + Archicad Solibri Connection
    + Automatic Export Mapping of Manufactured Profiles
    + Support for all released SAF Versions
    + Create Structural Supports – streamlined input
    + Connection Range Improvements

  • Feature Type Available on
    Start Edition
    PARAM-O Improvements Add-On No
    Export Building Material Classifications as IFC Classification References Collaboration Yes
    Archicad Survey Point Supported in RVT Workflow Collaboration No
    Zones to appear on Section/Elevation/Interior Elevations Documentation Yes
    Schedules: control Merge Uniform Items per fields on a more granular level Documentation Yes
    Label Zones with auto-text and/or GDL based Labels, just like other Elements Documentation Yes
    Support for Rhino 6 and 7 Modeling No
    Create Polygonal Openings in any 2D or 3D view Modeling Yes
    Stair Improvements – New tread symmetry combinations for all winder types – New Stair Landing control – New “Along Chord” stair construction geometry method Modeling Yes
    Modular Kitchen Cabinets Modeling Yes
    Life-Like Interiors Modeling Yes
    Support for All Released SAF Versions Open BIM No
    Load Handling in Structural Analytical Model Open BIM No
    Automatic Export Mapping of Manufactured Profiles Open BIM No
    Custom Alignment of Replacement Profile (1D Members) Open BIM No
    New Offset Adjustments/2D Cutback Improvement Open BIM No
    Connection Range Improvements Open BIM No
    Create Structural Supports – Streamlined Input Open BIM No
    RFA and RVT Geometry Exchange Open BIM No
    Archicad – Solibri Connection Open BIM No
    Surface Based Fills Visualization Yes
    Updated Surface and Fill Settings – Realistic soft shadow and cover fill option on top of textures Visualization Yes
    Surface Textures on S/E/IE Viewpoints Visualization Yes
    Native Metal graphics technology replacing Open GL on macOS Visualization Yes
    Redshift by Maxon rendering engine – faster, GPU-based rendering Visualization No
    Navigation Improvements Workflow Yes
    Native Survey Point Workflow Yes
    Track Changes and Model Compare improvements Workflow No
    Object Settings Elevation and 3D Previews free rotate Workflow Yes
    Updated Line popup Workflow Yes
    New transparency control for custom RGB Surfaces overrides Workflow Yes
    Option to hide contours in model views of Cut and Uncut parts of elements Workflow Yes
    Update properties in hotlink modules Workflow No
    Graphic Override Workflow Yes
    Additional Graphic Override Improvements Workflow Yes
    New command to check for the overlap of linear elements – Partial overlap check on linear elements: line, polyline, arc, wall, beam, column
    Workflow No