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  • This tool is only available in New Zealand and Western Australia.

    This collection of tools provides an easy visual way of evaluating your model in relation to typography, boundaries and surrounding buildings. Sites is especially helpful in the early stages of the design process when exploring design options in relation to the site. It includes area and zone stamps, survey boundary tool, and building envelopes.

  • Area Calculations

    • Site Area – Calculate ratios for Site, Impermeable, and Building areas, and differentiate between Existing and Proposed areas.
    • Zone Area – Show Zone ratios and calculate requirements for zones such as the number of carparks needed.
    • Floor Area – Calculate the total floor area in zones over multiple stories.


    Site Tools

    • Boundary Entry – The Boundary tool creates boundary lines by allowing you to directly enter survey data. The boundaries are labelled and can then be used to create a mesh that fits them automatically.
    • Mesh to Boundary – Given an existing site mesh, Sites+Massing creates a series of accurately labelled Boundary lines around the mesh.
    • Building Envelope – The Building Envelope tool creates a visible envelope over your site, allowing you to easily see whether your building fits within the allowable space, taking into account the site contours and boundary heights & recession planes.
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