Ci Bracing

  • This tool is only available in New Zealand.

    Specifically designed for our NZ Customers to calculate the required bracing units for the walls of your Timber-framed buildings based on NZS3604:2011.

    The Tool also automatically adds the Bracing Lines, the physical braces based of your preferred Brace Set along these Brace Lines and creates a Bracing Table.

  • The tool should be used in conjunction with NZS3604:2011.

    • Bracing is an assistant to calculating and achieving bracing for light timber framed construction.
    • Produce the bracing drawing and tables, right in the context of your Archicad design model.
    • Determines the required amount of Bracing based on your model.
    • Use the Brace Manager to setup your default braces and put them in the order that you want, and then Calculate Bracing on a selection of walls to have it place enough of the required braces in the right place.
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