• SharpBOM

    SharpBOM Site Licence | Annual Subscription – 1 year, maximum 10 users


    SharpBOM is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to edit, manipulate and transform your Bill of Materials from engineering to manufacturing.

    SharpBOM was developed to automate and simplify the creation and management of your Bill of Materials. By syncing this tool with your CAD software, you can automatically transform an Engineering BOM into a Production BOM. You can add non-model items like operations and consumables, add dollar amounts to your BOM and calculate end costs, customise units of measurement for all items (including non-model), define rules to support automation functions, and lots more!

    SharpBOM integrates seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS®️ and has a dashboard of easy-to-use tools and options to support collaborations, and prevent duplications and repetitive work.

    SharpBOM paves the way to full ERP integration.

    Price is an annual subscription fee per company, not per licence.



    What are the benefits of SharpBOM?

    • Accurate BOMs: you can sync the BOM from SOLIDWORKS® and augment it with non-model items. Reduce your dependence on excel.
    • Minimise errors: Merge CAD Items changes more easily by comparing BOM changes.
    • Gain time: Reduce duplicate BOM work, and focus on Building the Manufacturing BOM (MBOM) from CAD.
    • Be more efficient: Stop opening thousands of drawings to manually populate cells in Excel for BOMs, build on this BOM workbench and export it in one go.
    • Data transfer: We can help you transfer it to other systems with a button – ask us how.
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