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Locomotive Drawing

macintype_dev 10 December 2015

Railway enthusiast steams ahead with SOLIDWORKS®

Locomotive and steam train enthusiast uses SOLIDWORKS® to model trains and bring 19th Century locomotives to life


Peter Manning: author, railway designer, and expert on Tasmanian railways and rolling stock


SOLIDWORKS® Professional


Tasmania, Australia (TBA)Virginia, Queensland, Australia


Peter Manning wanted to develop more accurate models of railway rolling stock and historic steam locomotives – from blueprints for which few, if any, photographs existed.

SOLIDWORKS was initially purchased for the preparation of drawings for a 100-ton bottom discharge railway hopper wagon, Peter says.

Since then, I have used SOLIDWORKS for various design aspects of railway rolling stock, primarily to calculate the volume of hopper wagons to determine their overall loading capacities. Peter Manning, railway designer


Peter says SOLIDWORKS is the perfect solution for the specialist design work he does.

SOLIDWORKS has far more flexibility to reach a more detailed appreciation of the workings of the machine and it also provides a greater degree of realism in the final model.

Thanks to SOLIDWORKS, from this line of work, four books have now been published describing and illustrating historic locomotives in exquisite detail.  Peter Manning, railway designer

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