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Napier Engineering and Contracting

macintype_dev 21 September 2015

Napier Engineering and Contracting (NEC) eliminate errors with SOLIDWORKS®

The move from 2D drafting to 3D engineering pays dividends for New Zealand firm Napier Engineering and Contracting (NEC)


NEC: an international market leader in the design and manufacture of telecommunication, transmission and substation structures, as well as specialised equipment for the meat production industry




Napier, New Zealand


NEC wanted to eliminate manufacturing floor errors, and raise the bar on customer service.

“We’ve been in business a long time, so our products are tried and tested. Improving customer service requires adjusting to today’s technology, and Intercad has helped us in this respect by guiding us through the deployment and use of SolidWorks and its key features as they relate to our business.” says Lorenzo Haupt, General Manager, NEC.


“SOLDIWORKS allows us to freely experiment with different materials, tweaking our designs and making better decisions for the customer,” Lorenzo says.

“It’s improved our manufacturing process to the point where shopfloor errors have virtually been eliminated, and gives customers a tangible design to work with so they know exactly what they’re getting before production begins.”

“SOLDIWORKS is number one by virtue of its ease-of-use and functionality, but more than anything it’s streets ahead of the old 2D ‘drafting’ software we were using before…” Lorenzo Haupt, General Manager, NEC

“We’re actively hiring people already trained in SOLDIWORKS, which is important given that it’s the standard 3D platform for our industry.” Lorenzo Haupt, General Manager, NEC

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