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macintype_dev 21 September 2015

Norris Industries cleans up with SOLIDWORKS®

Norris Industries has reduced the number of prototypes needed to test the designs of its commercial dishwashers, with SOLIDWORKS®


Norris Industries: supplies pubs, clubs and restaurants with commercial dishwashers and glass washers


SOLIDWORKS® 3D CAD/CAM software, plus training


Caves Beach, New South Wales, Australia


In an industry driven by reliability, service and cost, Norris continues an aggressive research and development program to not only reduce water and energy use but also to ensure a Norris glass washer lasts a lifetime.

“Due to the limited size of our units we were previously forced to estimate the size and shape of components and if they were wrong, we would start again,” says Tony Stewart, Research and Development Engineer, Norris Industries.


“Since implementing SOLIDWORKS two or three prototypes per design have been eliminated,” Tony says. “We have also increased the efficiency of our communication with subcontractors and toolmakers because SOLIDWORKS allows us to send our designs to these people directly without the need for translation or recreation of data.”

Norris takes advantage of automated data creation tools included with SOLIDWORKS® to ensure accuracy of manufacturing data, to include product cross section images in service manuals and to create images for use in marketing materials and on the company’s website.

“By working with Intercad we can rely on their expertise and support services as we expand our research and development capabilities.” Tony Stewart, Research and Development Engineer, Norris Industries

“SOLIDWORKS is a key aspect of our research and development program.” Tony Stewart, Research and Development Engineer, Norris Industries

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