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macintype_dev 21 September 2015

SEM rescues design with SOLIDWORKS® solid modelling

SEM Fire and Rescue aims to double the capacity of its manufacturing facility with software, training and technical support from Intercad


SEM Fire and Rescue: designers and manufacturers of emergency service vehicles, including pumpers, tankers and hazardous materials support vehicles


SOLIDWORKS® 3D CAD/CAM software, plus training


Ballarat, Victoria, Australia


Using solid modelling for design and manufacture is a trend within the industry, and investing in technology from Intercad has helped the company continue to foster innovation, something its customers say sets it apart from the crowd.

“When you use 2D it’s simply a bunch of lines, there’s no link between how parts work together, and this is how errors occur.” says Ernest Martino, Design Manager, SEM Fire and Rescue.


“Being able to create a virtual model, as you would actually build and assemble a prototype, saves us time and money by reducing downstream manufacturing errors,” Earnest says. “It also allows for faster customer approval of designs because we can prove the design, and agree on any variables upfront.”

By doing more design work upfront, SEM Fire and Rescue is aiming to halve the time taken to assemble its vehicles, assuring its future competitiveness and workforce retention.

“Using technical support is another way to get the most out of the software and Intercad’s service is fantastic.” Ernest Martino, Design Manager, SEM Fire and Rescue

“Often designers don’t use all the relevant features a software package offers, or work in the most efficient way possible, and if you don’t do training you aren’t going to get the full value out of your investment.” Ernest Martino, Design Manager, SEM Fire and Rescue

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