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Why I chose ARCHICAD

Central Innovation 7 April 2015

Brett Taylor + Associates

Brett Taylor first came across ARCHICAD at Algorry Zappia almost 20 years ago. Having never used BIM software previously, he decided to introduce himself to ARCHICAD 5 for teamwork, by printing off the entire help guide. Armed with the guide and his determination and strong work ethic, he learnt the ins and outs of ARCHICAD and managed to show his colleagues the benefits of using such a powerful 3D tool. From there it was a no brainer – they switched from the previously used AutoCAD.

“I remember when things were done on pen and paper, and then we made the move to computerised 2D drawings with AutoCAD. It’s only natural that the next progression is ARCHICAD. It is the complete 3D package, with a streamlined architectural workflow inbuilt in the system,” he says.In 2012, Brett opened up his own firm practising as a sole practitioner. He started out using friends to draft his sketch designs, and then tried outsourcing his projects to overseas drafting services. At the end of 2013 he decided to go back to the system he knew and ordered an ARCHICAD licence. Within 6 months, the company had grown, and Brett bought another ARCHICAD licence, and hired 2 more staff members. He has now put his mark on over 70 projects for 2014 and 25 projects are already in the pipeline for 2015.

When talking about business, Brett recognizes that customer service is very important to staying successful,

Brett1Image © Brett Taylor & Associates

“Architecture is a service based industry, it’s all about giving the customer what they want and guiding them towards the best building outcome for their circumstances. For that reason I like my business and projects to be very neat and structured, but still fluid. ARCHICAD fits into this philosophy and as such there is no other program I would use,” he says.


Brett uses ARCHICAD as is, straight out of the box, with no other design products to augment the ARCHICAD experience – and that’s all he needs.

“It is so easy and fluent to find things in ARCHICAD, because everything is so intuitive and simple to use.”

When making design changes or adjustments, Brett says that other software platforms don’t compare with ARCHICAD,

“When I make changes to elevations, sections or plans, it’s all done in a single click to all my documentation. The benefit of that is immense, and I know that everything gets corrected at the same time,” he says.

Recently Brett has been working on a 1000sqm Hamptons Style house in Camden, featuring a large swimming pool, front and back outdoor living areas, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, an open living plan and lots of space to move. Using ARCHICAD and BIMx, he was able to show his clients exactly what they were getting, resulting in the client having a much clearer understanding of the design intent that he was trying to convey.

Brett2Image © Brett Taylor & Associates
“With ARCHICAD there is an improved level of communication with expressing my ideas to the clients. I’m able to explain and show them how and why a design idea may or may not work.”The project is currently at Council Development Approval stage and is set to begin construction later this year.
Brett Taylor and Associates is based in South-West Sydney and works across a range of different sectors including, Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Heritage.

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Brett Taylor & Associates


GRAPHISOFT® ignited the BIM revolution in 1984 with ARCHICAD®, the industry first BIM software for architects. GRAPHISOFT continues to lead the industry with innovative solutions such as its revolutionary BIMcloud®, the world’s first real-time BIM collaboration environment, EcoDesigner® STAR, the world’s first fully BIM-integrated “GREEN” design solution and BIMx®, the world’s leading mobile app for BIM visualization. GRAPHISOFT has been a part of the Nemetschek Group since its acquisition in 2007.

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