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Zenith Tecnica

macintype_dev 10 December 2015

CAD department efficiency reaches new Zenith

Zenith Tecnica turns around projects faster, and at lower cost, thanks to SOLIDWORKS® and Intercad


Zenith Tecnica: a specialist in manufacturing titanium componentry for the medical, aerospace, marine, sporting and industrial industries


SOLIDWORKS® Premium and SOLIDWORKS® Standard


Auckland, New Zealand


Zenith Tecnica uses Additive Manufacturing: a process where material is added, rather than removed – as would be the case in traditional ‘subtractive’ machining. The process employed is Electron Beam Melting (EBM), as it is faster, more energy efficient and reduces waste.

Our CAD department is fundamental to the speed of our service and will therefore see the most growth – with this growth will come a significant capital investment in both workstations and software packages,” says Trent Mainwaring, Senior Design Engineer at Zenith Tecnica.


The ability to get more done, the flexibility and the fact that SOLIDWORKS runs on a Windows platform means that we can turn around our projects faster, and at a lower cost than what would be otherwise possible, Trent says.

As a popular platform that provides many options, SOLIDWORKS imparts a number of measurable process efficiencies for Zenith Tecnica, and without SOLIDWORKS, we would definitely struggle.

We are also able to access in-depth knowledge over at Intercad with their unbeatable technical support. They usually answer our questions within 15 or 20 minutes, which I have to say is just fan-bloody–tastic in our often time critical industry!  says Trent Mainwaring, Senior Design Engineer at Zenith Tecnica.

For more details visit www.zenithtecnica.com

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