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Collate in Schedule: Invert wall direction

Tips and Tricks Soto 24 June 2015


One of the reasons why a Door or a Window may not be collating in a schedule could be related to the wall it’s placed into.

Go to the menu View>On Screen View Options> Wall and Beams Reference lines.

11-06-2015 12-01-00 p-m-01
Then you will see the walls arrow direction

11-06-2015 12-08-18 p-m-01


If you see the walls that belong to the Doors that aren’t collating it’s possible that the direction of one of the walls is going in the opposite direction, if that is the case you can select that wall, go to the menu

Edit>Reference Line and Plane> Invert Wall direction.

11-06-2015 12-10-08 p-m-01
Once both walls are going in the same direction, updating the schedule may collate the doors this time.


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