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Create automatic ITO presentations

Tips and Tricks Central Innovation 15 March 2016

If you have created an Information Takeoff of your model you can easily make a presentation of those results, even if reporting is a good option, creating a presentation gives the advantage of automatic autoplay if shown within Solibri Model Checker or Solibri Model Viewer.

As an example open the SMC Building default file and go to the Information Takeoff Layout.

Add the ITO definition Building Element Quantities


Takeoff All and then choose Takeoff Anyway


Remove the Type column to make it simpler


Now you can go to the Communication Layout and add a New Presentation


And select From Information Takeoff Results


Now Link them to the Results and choose to Autozoom to the components


You will have in a couple of minutes a presentation like this

KJqX3KxY3G (1)

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