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Differentiating Between Joists and Blocking

Tips and Tricks cadimage 7 July 2017


Differentiating Between Joists and Blocking

A common frustration when using the beam tool is how to get the beams to show separately to blocking set between.  No doubt we are all familiar with this
blended beams

We can now use the Floor Plan 3D document to create tidy looking floor framing plans, (refer to this tip for guidance)
By default I get the same effect.  All I need to do now is create a new material with a lower priority.  In this case, my beams are using Timber – Structural with a priority setting of 715.  I duplicate this material name it Timber – Solid Blocking and change its priority to 700

I then select the beam I want to be blocking and change its material to be Timber – Solid Blocking, and I get the following result:

revised beams


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