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e-Drawings 3D stereo

Tips and Tricks Marketing 15 April 2015

e-Drawings 3D stereo

Hi there,

In this post, I would like to talk about 3D stereo in eDrawings.

If you were to look through the Settings in eDrawings, you will notice a greyed out area under Performance.

E-drawings 3d stereo

Edrawings options

E-drawings 3d stereo

Now If you google this you get directed to the Nvidia Website and most likely to this link below:


The instructions are easy to follow as per below:

Step 1: Ensure your NVIDIA 3D Vision or 3D Vision Pro glasses and emitter are installed, and the NVIDIA control panel is showing that stereoscopic 3D is enabled.

Step 2: Start the eDrawings application

Step 3: Select Tools, then Options

Step 4: In the Options dialog, click on Graphics Boost in the Performance boxed area

Step 5: Then, click on the check box for Stereoscopic Viewing

Step 6: Select OK

– See more at: http://www.nvidia.com/object/solidworks-edrawings.html#sthash.OPbkCITy.dpuf

However there is a step missing.

You have to turn this feature on in the settings for the Graphic card as well.
To do this; Right mouse button on the desktop and choose NVidia Control panel

E-drawings 3d stereo

This will bring up the Settings for your Graphics card.

E-drawings 3d stereo

You will have to;

1) Click on Manage 3D settings

2) Choose the Profile that you normally use

3) Select Stereo-Enable

4) Turn it On, once this is active, you can then enable it in eDrawings.

E-drawings 3d stereo

Feature is now selectable
















Then before opening the eDrawings file, select Perspective and you should see a fuzzy image of the eDrawings file.

E-drawings 3d stereo

Perspective view




E-drawings 3d stereo

What you should see on your screen

Through the 3D glasses, you will now see the image as 3D.

However if you do not see the 3D image, then it is probably because the 3D Hardware you are using is not recognising that eDrawings is a 3D application with 3D stereo viewing, and has gone into standby to save power.

To trick the device, you need to run the 3D Stereo test:

E-drawings 3d stereo

How to keep the 3D glasses active

Keep this Active while eDrawings is on and you will be able to see the 3D effect in SolidWorks eDrawings.

Please also note that there is an issue with e-drawings 2015.
This setting cannot be activated in 2015 and is currently being addressed by the development team as Software Performance Review (SPR) # 874651 – 3D stereo settings option cannot be enabled in eDrawings 2015.

Please let Technical support know if you wish to be alerted when this issue is resolved and we will have your details added to the notification list for this SPR.





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