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Editing Keynote database in Excel

Tips and Tricks Jonathan Breen 5 May 2015


While Keynotes in ArchiCAD 18 uses the .keynotes format by default it still supports the legacy format .CSV. This format has several limitations from not being able to form a hierarchy of notes and now being able to control status (Current/Deleted) but if used in a simple method this workflow will work as expected. There are 2 general rules to editing Keynotes in Excel:

If you are EDITING a Keynote, the ‘Unique ID‘ needs to remain exactly as it was and the ‘Last Edit Time‘ field needs deleted. This is so the Keynote aligns when imported again and if the Last Edit Time is the same it will not recognize an update so deleting this field will force an update for that particular Keynote.

If you are CREATING a Keynote, do not create a ‘Unique ID‘ or ‘Last Edit Time‘ as the Keynotes Tool will create these for you on Import, invalid entries can create issues in your database.

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