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How to Transfer / Deactivate a Solidworks License When You Can’t Start Solidworks

Tips and Tricks Bianca 3 October 2018

How to Transfer / Deactivate a Solidworks License When You Can’t Start Solidworks

If you need to deactivate or transfer your SOLIDWORKS license but you cannot start SOLIDWORKS to do so, you can actually launch the activation wizard independently.

Navigate to C:Program Files<your SOLIDWORKS Installation folder>SOLIDWORKSsetupi386

Locating SOLIDWORKSsetupi386

Double click swactwiz.exe and this will launch the activation wizard and allow you to transfer/deactivate/move the SOLIDWORKS license.

What if this swactwiz.exe does not start or you have uninstalled SOLIDWORKS and don’t want to have to install the whole program back onto the machine just to transfer/deactivate?

In this case you can download a standalone version through your SOLIDWORKS customer portal account.  This can be accessed at https://customerportal.solidworks.com
Once you have logged into your SOLIDWORKS customer portal account go to “downloads and updates”

SOLIDWORKS customer portal account


Select the version and select the “SOLIDWORKS Activation Wizard”

Selecting the "SOLIDWORKS Activation Wizard"

This downloads an executable How to transfer / deactivate a solidworks license when you can’t start solidworks  which when run installs the SOLIDWORKS activation wizard program.


SOLIDWORKS Activation Wizard

You can, then use this program to transfer/deactivate your license off the machine.


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