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IC3D STEEL – New enhancements in drawing output!!

Tips and Tricks Mark Duggan 25 May 2015

We have received this new video from IC3D that shows some of the newest features for detailing drawings. I thought I would share this with you, as it could save a lot of time when producing SolidWorks drawings for structural steel. For more information click here.

IC3D Steel, an integrated structural design and detailing solution for SolidWorks, now includes 2 new tools for automating the drawing production process.

Reducing the time required to generate large numbers of Fabrication and Shop Drawings already allows IC3D Steel to offer the benefit of significant productivity gains.

With each drawing taking several minutes to create, and a project requiring potentially hundreds of drawings, automation of this critical workflow stage is clearly a priority.

Now, IC3D Steel incorporates auto-dimensioning and auto-scaling of drawings as a free add-on for all subscription customers.   Automatic algorithms can lead to “over dimensioning” : a confusing clash of annotations obscuring critical information.  IC3D Steel avoids this through the application of special logic that groups identical dimensions (e.g. by identical hole diameters), using common datum when possible, and consistent placement of overall dimension marks.

Ic3d steel – new enhancements in drawing output!!

Dimensions are added to views automatically to reduce detailing time

Drawings are auto-scaled according to user-defined scale settings, ensuring that views are kept clear of one another even when multiple components on a single sheet (Shop Drawings).  Both of these tools can be either run automatically (when the drawings are generated), or run manually from the command bar (when running manually, the tool process all the views on all the drawing sheets simultaneously).

The cumulative time saved by the designer is significant, leaving more time available for critical drawing validation work.

Check out the for a demonstration of these great new features!


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