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TIP: Sectioning to Isolate Checking Results

Tips and Tricks Central Innovation 5 July 2015

In this Tip we show you how to isolate your checking results so that you can focus your co-ordination session on issues located within your current area of operations.

From the Tools drop-down in the 3D Window, select the Sectioning tool.

If you mouse over this sectioning option, there is a detailed list of functions for the tool.

The easiest, quickest method to create a section is simply selecting a surface in the model. This will create a moveable section plane parallel with the surface. You can continue to select additional surfaces to add additional sections, and switch between sections to move them. These sections can then be used to isolate checking results. After running a check, in the results window, change to the “Filter with Sections” mode to view only those results within the sectioned view.


Change from “No Filtering…” to “Filter with Sections“.

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