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New BCF Connector for Solibri

Tips and Tricks Central Innovation 5 October 2016

There is an update to the BCF Connector Extension.

The extension provides a link between SMC and a cloud based BCF server. The communication of issues and BIM project workflows are improved. By doing so, there is now a full audit trail of issues and those team members who are responsible to solve. You can download, publish and synchronize issues. This improves the workflow between SMC and the authoring systems, allowing savings in time, improved project management and team working.

If you already have the Extension installed in Solibri, just go to File > Solution Center and hit Update.


If you have not yet installed the BCF Connector Extension, go to the Products Page on your Solibri Solution Center, and choose to add it to your cart (hit the Free button)



You will then need to assign the Extension/s to your Users.  Go back to the Admin View > Licence Assignment.

Choose the Extensions option at the top, then the specific BCF Connector.  Hit Refresh, then assign it to your users (either use Assign all, or tick the individual Users), then click Assign at the bottom right.


Once assigned, you or the user you assigned the Extension to, will need to open Solibri go to File > Solution Center and hit Install.


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