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Release Notes: SMC V9.5.24

Tips and Tricks Central Innovation 24 June 2015

Release Notes: SMC V9.5.24

Released 17 June 2015

Below is the Changelog for the latest version of Solibri:


BCF Related

  • Several BCF 2.0 compatibility issues fixed


Issue Management

  • When adding slide to several selected issues, only the first issue got the decision (rejected/accepted)
  •  When adding slide to several selected issues, location information and components were not filled properly
  • When adding slide for a component in results, decision was not set



  • Rule#203: All models were included in the results when models from only selected disciplines were checked
  • Rule#203: No issues were created for missing properties or property sets when Optional was selected in Value Exists
  • Rule#1: Rule exceptions didn’t consider decomposed walls



  • Checking performance improved by optimizing model volume calculation and separating that to an own thread



  • Calculating of wall height was incorrect in a special case



  • Filter with classification and contains operator didn’t work when loaded from a file



  • Updating of model with a newer IFC version didn’t always produce the correct results



  • Added support for covering in material map
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