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Tips and Tricks Scylla de Magalhaes 21 January 2016

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It’s important to develop good habits for saving and backing up your work as you go along, as well as periodically migrating projects from older versions of ArchiCAD to the current one. This will help you to avoid data loss or any loss of work, from day to day or over the long term.

Most users can thank ArchiCAD’s great Autosave feature for recovering work when there has been a system crash. However, it’s not good to rely on Autosave, since occasionally this file may be damaged in conjunction with a system problem.

It’s essential to save your work several times during your session using the File menu > Save command or the equivalent keyboard shortcut or icon button. Don’t go all day or even several hours without saving—you’re taking an unnecessary risk! Hit Control-S or Command-S whenever you stop to think or take a phone call—you’ll be glad you did.




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