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Solibri 9.7.15 Update Released

Tips and Tricks Central Innovation 20 April 2017

Solibri 9.7.15 Update Released

Solibri Model Checker & Solibri Model Viewer have both been updated to build 9.7.15.

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For SMC this update contains improvements to one of the most popular rules – Rule #222 Component Distance.  It now has two new distance measurement methods.

Also changes to the Model Compare Rule (#206), Number of Components in Space (#225), Components must have unique identifier (#21) and Comparison between Property Values (#231).

Plus various bug fixes.

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For SMV, the main ‘fix’ is that registration is no longer required if the user has already registered for SMC on the same computer.

Plus other Presentation and Classification enhancements.


For the full Release Report go here

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