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Solibri Autorun Released

Tips and Tricks Central Innovation 1 November 2015

Solibri Model Checker v9.6 sees the release of a new feature – Solibri Autorun. This feature has been designed for experienced users of Solibri Model Checker to expedite the work process of routine based checks. To maximise the value of Solibri Autorun, the package includes a ½ day web-based training session.
This session is for learning how to use Autorun and defining it within Solibri Model Checker.

The pricing of Solibri Autorun is usage based. It consists of a monthly base fee for unlimited users with a usage time of 80 hours. Usage above the 80 hours will be invoiced on an hourly basis measured over the prior 3 month period.

To apply for Solibri Autorun, you will need to have a minimum of 10 Solibri Model Checker licenses in your
company license pool.

For further information, please contact solibri@cadimagegroup.com with your contact information.

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