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Solidworks Simulation 2020 New Feature – Simulation Evaluator

Tips and Tricks Abbas Madraswala 30 October 2019


Solidworks Simulation 2020 New Feature – Simulation Evaluator

Simulation Evaluator is one of my favorite Solidworks Simulation 2020 enhancement. Have you ever come across a situation that after solving your study your results somehow got moved to another folder and now you cannot plot results in your Study?

With Solidworks Simulation 2020 you can now easily reattach your results if moved to another folder by simply providing the new folder location of that study results.

Here is how you can reattach your results.

– Right Click on your Study name and select “Simulation Evaluator” tool.Selecting Simulation Evaluator Tool

– Click “Edt the study properties to change the result folder” and select the new result folder locationSimulation Evaluator - Stress Analysis RefinedStatic DialogSelect Result file directory dialog

– Apart from reattaching or changing result folder, you can also review material assigned to each part/ body in your assemblyreviewing material assigned

– Additionally, you can compare your mesh volume with Solidworks volume to ensure you get a high-quality resultcomparing your mesh volume with Solidworks volume

Hence, the Simulation Evaluator is a single resource window where you can check and review all important details of your setup.


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