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Toolbox Size Mismatch

Tips and Tricks Mithilesh 8 February 2019


Toolbox Size Mismatch

When I open my SOLIDWORKS assembly I see the Nuts-Bolts and other fasteners not to the expected size, WHY?

Why it doesn’t match the size?

When SOLIDWORKS opens an assembly it  searches for the reference components. In case of Toolbox its either the configuration or part, based on the option selected under Toolbox setting as below

User Settings


SOLIDWORKS generates those Toolbox configurations or parts if it cannot find it. When the correct sizes are generated for Toolbox parts in the tree you will notice it ends with size as suffix. But when it cannot create or find those configurations it will open Toolbox parts with default configuration, it has suffix ‘default’ or ‘preview cfg’.

Toolbox configurations

When you notice something as above DO NOT SAVE the assembly file. If you still save the file in this state then those toolbox components need to be fixed manually.

To rectify this mismatch problem, try below:

1.Check the Toolbox location it should be pointed to correct location. This is located under Tools > Options > System Options > Hole Wizard/Toolbox.

2.If the above location is correct then select the option ‘Make this folder the default search location for Toolbox components’

System Options Window


3. Edit Toolbox components and select the desired parameters to generate the sizes.

This option needs Toolbox addin enabled

Editting Toolbox components


4.Create Configuration from Toolbox configure

Creating Configuration from Toolbox configure


Once these configuration are generated then you can select the desired configuration from context menu


selecting the desired configuration

If you wish to change configuration multiple components then use the option ‘select identical components’ (Tools > Component Selection) and then using same context menu you can modify all configurations.

NOTE: If the above suggestion doesn’t fix then contact Technical Support.

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