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Working with Hyperlinks in Solibri Model Checker

Tips and Tricks Central Innovation 20 July 2015

Hyperlinks in Solibri are unlike other tools and allows you an excellent comprehensive method of organizing and accessing all of your hyperlinks/project documents, either from an individual component or from a Hyperlink Manager window. This eliminates messy overlaid hyperlinks that may clutter up a 3D view, and have strictly an “All On” or “All Off” option.

There are two options for adding hyperlinks in Solibri Model Checker. You can add a hyperlink directly to an individual component or a group of components, or you can add a hyperlink to the entire .SMC model.

Adding a hyperlink to the entire model

Adding a hyperlink to your .SMC model requires a few simple steps. From the upper right corner in SMC, select the Add View dropdown menu and choose the Hyperlink Manager option:


The Hyperlink Manager window should appear on your screen. You can choose to leave it floating, or to dock it into a specific location.

From this interface, you can manage any Hyperlinks that exist in the model.



To create a hyperlink for your entire .SMC model, choose New Hyperlink.

(Later, we will show how to attach a hyperlink to a group of components, but in this case we are simply adding a reference to a document or website that is important or relevant to the entire model/building)


Add Hyperlink – By entering the requested information, you will create and define the hyperlink.

Address – website or file being referenced/linked to (“Browse for file” as needed).

Topic – A user defined group that the hyperlink belongs to (for example, Windows, Construction Documents, etc.).

Relative – Stores hyperlinks relative to the folder of the saved SMC model.  So, the files must remain in the same location (or be moved with the SMC model).

Absolute – Stores hyperlinks in a location as specified, regardless of the SMC model location.


Once the information has been entered, select OK to see your new hyperlink listed in Hyperlink Manager:


To follow the link, hold down CTRL and click on it in the display.
Any further links added to the model or any of its components can be accessed from the Hyperlink Manager window.

Adding a hyperlink to components

In addition to simply linking documents or sites to the entire model, you can add a hyperlink (or multiple hyperlinks) to an individual component in the model, or to a group of components.

For this example, we have isolated all the Windows in the model (using the Component hierarchy option at top), and have selected the group of windows listed as Double Sash Window 17.


To associate a Hyperlink with all the Double Sash Windows, right-click while hovering the mouse over the group, choose Hyperlinks, and then New Hyperlink.

(If needed, instead of choosing a group of components, you can also choose individual components that are listed under the group, and choose to associate a hyperlink with only one of the Double Sash Windows instead of all of them).


From here, you could choose to use the Hyperlink Address listed that we created in our previous example, or add a new one.



Once a new hyperlink has been specified, select OK to see the hyperlink in the Hyperlink Manager window:


Any hyperlinks added to the model will appear in the Hyperlink Manager. From here, a user can access any link that has been associated with a component/group of components, or any link associated with the entire model. 

A green hyperlink icon will appear next to each Window, indicating that they now have a Hyperlink associated with them.


Additionally, if a hyperlink is added to an individual component, a user can select that component in the model tree or the 3D model and choose the Hyperlink tab in the Info Window to view which Hyperlinks are associated with the individual component.


All these functionalities add up to a uniquely user-friendly Hyperlink tool that can be accessed from both individually selected components, or from a dedicated Hyperlink interface. This allows for easy creation, management, and organization of both documents and websites that are relevant to any modeling project.


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