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Archicad and macOS 14 “Sonoma”

News Tips and Tricks Jenna Durham 19 October 2023


Archicad and macOS 14 “Sonoma”

Apple has recently released the latest macOS – version 14, Sonoma

Here’s how that affects you, depending on what version(s) of Archicad you use:

  • If you only use Archicad 26 or 27, upgrading to Sonoma is fine, but you will need to install the preview updates available here
  • if you use Archicad 24 or 25, upgrading to Sonoma should be fine, but will these versions will not be supported by Updates should any problems arise
  • and if you need to use Archicad 23 or older, you should not upgrade to Sonoma
  • Additionally, if you use Any version of Archicad Start Edition, you should also not upgrade to Sonoma (future versions will be supported, but no current versions)

In addition to this, there are currently some small usability issues in the actively supported 26 and 27 versions – you can find out more details about those (and the Fixes for each) here.

If you have any further questions, please contact us by logging a Support Ticket on MyCi.

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