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Central Innovation│Intercad A great experience at EMEX 2016

News Central Innovation 14 June 2016

Central Innovation│Intercad  A great experience at EMEX 2016
Thank you !

This year’s EMEX Exhibition was a great success thanks to the efforts of the organisers, exhibitors and the countless visitors.

Intercad, the Manufacturing solutions provider of Central Innovation, left its mark on a number of software and hardware enthusiasts as they were treated to a show-case of Manufacturing products and services.

We want to thank particularly Brian Breading, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of  PGE Injection Moulding (on the left in the picture below next to Jason Gannon our New Zealand Manager).

emex1Intercad demonstrated the latest in Manufacturing solutions, which included the SOLIDWORKS suite of 3D CAD design software; all running effortlessly on a variety of our lightning-speed workstations.

Also on display was a range of world-class design solutions offered by Central Innovation, which included information on consulting, recruitment and training services. To see what else Central Innovation can do for you or your business, visit our website:  www.centralinnovation.com.au


We would like to thank everyone that stopped by our stand at EMEX this year. This year there was an exceptional turnout, and all the exhibitors put on a breath-taking display of the latest and greatest in technology and manufacturing. It was extraordinary to see such a large number of people gathering under one roof to share their ideas in the hopes of learning a thing or two. An experienced line-up of seminars also shed light on the potential on what is out there to help businesses thrive in the age of innovation.

We hope you enjoyed the exhibition as much as we did, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

If you would like to learn more about our Manufacturing solutions; please explore the Products and Services  pages. For any further enquiries, please contact us.




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