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#TASK – the SOLIDWORKS users’ personal assistant

Articles Central Innovation 4 August 2016

#TASK – the SOLIDWORKS users’ personal assistant

Every day, SOLIDWORKS users face spending large amounts of time, creating drawings, adding dimensions, and exporting 3D files and PDFs for suppliers and manufacturers. Introducing #TASK (pronounced sharp task) by Central Innovation – With one click of a button #TASK automatically creates drawings, adds dimensions, and exports the relevant file formats you need for hundreds or even thousands of files at a time.

Generating drawings, adding revisions, replacing text, creating flat patterns file-by-file can be frustrating and tedious. #TASK makes it possible to run 100s and 1000s of files in a single job.  Use your own custom scripts or macros, or choose a macro from the online library.  You can easily and quickly convert, resize or manipulate your design files by using #TASK.

#TASK’s job management function monitors each job, automatically restarting SOLIDWORKS and skipping any files that cannot be processed correctly so there are no more situations where you schedule a batch of tasks, leave the process unsupervised, and the process crashes.

#TASK is a powerful set of productivity tools that automates time consuming, repetitive tasks performed in SOLIDWORKS. With its clean and easy to use interface and compatibility on a range of SOLIDWORKS versions, #TASK frees you up to spend more time on your designs.

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