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The Next Manufacturing Revolution is Here

Articles Central Innovation 22 August 2016

The Next Manufacturing Revolution is Here

Economic growth has been slowing for the past 50 years, but relief might come from an unexpected place — a new form of manufacturing that is neither what you thought it was nor where you thought it was. Industrial systems thinker Olivier Scalabre details how a fourth manufacturing revolution will produce a macroeconomic shift and boost employment, productivity and growth.

“It’s rather simple: in order to grow, you need to be producing more, putting more into our economy. This means either more labor or more capital or more productivity. Each time, productivity has been the growth lever.”

In this TED Talk, Olivier Scalabre of BCG explores a new reality where manufacturing and technology drives global and industrial growth through increasing productivity.

“What if we could combine those forces? What if the existing manufacturing and large technological innovation came together to create the next big manufacturing reinvention,” explains Olivier.

“This fourth manufacturing revolution is a chance for all of us,” he says, “If we play it right, we’ll see sustainable growth in all our economies. This means more wealth distributed to all of us and a better future for our children.”

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