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Watch: Innovation in the Skies

News Central Innovation 18 July 2017

Watch: Innovation in the Skies

This solar-powered aircraft can deliver tonnes of food and supplies without the need for fuel, roads or infrastructure.

SolarShip was developed in response to the need to provide large quantities food and essential supplies to people in remote areas that cannot be reached by plane, truck or ship. The resulting design is a hybrid aircraft which can take off and land in relatively small areas, such as a soccer field or street.

The design of the craft also provides a large surface area which is used to capture solar power, allowing it to fly for long distances without refueling.

In order to get the design right, the team use SolidWorks. Andrew Leinonen (Lead Industrial Designer at SolarShip) says, “we use SolidWorks for everything. I use it everyday, and I can’t imagine what other tools I’d use if I had to replace it”.

In the clip below, the team at SolarShip discuss how they have used SolidWorks to test both the mechanics and aerodynamics of the craft:

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