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AC26 – 2D Editing Feature

Tips and Tricks Khan 24 November 2022

Improved 2D Editing  – 26 New Feature

Based on user feedback, the efficient and user-friendly 2D editing enhancement in Archicad 26 saves time and helps maintain consistency among interactions when using Radial Stretch of circles and ellipses.

using Radial Stretch of circles and ellipses


Create a copy of circles and ellipses when using the Radial stretch command

a big red circle and ellipses inside

                                          Radial Copy


Create a single copy by tapping Option (Mac) or Control (Windows) during the Radial stretch of circles and ellipses.

Please note the following characteristics of the Radial stretch command:

  • The original element and its copy are both selected when the process is completed. This behavior is the same as with curved walls and beams.
  • The Radial stretch command creates only one copy at a time for both 2D and 3D elements.
  • The Radial stretch command is now also available from circle and ellipse nodes. Previously it was only available from edges.
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