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Archicad 26 is here!

Tips and Tricks Silvia Fernandez 16 August 2022

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Watch the Archicad 26 Launch Presentation here:

Get your Archicad 26, on Central Innovation download site

If you are a Select Customer, download the All-In-One package to suit your Operating System and Region from the links below:

Windows, New Zealand, ARCHICAD 26
Mac OS, New Zealand, ARCHICAD 26

Windows, Australia, ARCHICAD 26
Mac OS, Australia, ARCHICAD 26

Update your license(s) in the license manager tool or in Archicad and download your updated license(s)

Everything you need to know about Archicad  installation can be found here:

System requirements
Download the Archicad Installation Guide
Download the Archicad Licensing Guide

Download and Install extra content, extra libraries, documents and other goodies.

We have also release a new version of the Ci Tools to go along with Archicad 26.

To install the Ci Tools, follow these steps:

Step 1 – How to Download and Install the Ci Tools
Step 2 – Install the Ci/Cadimage Tools
Step 3 – How to apply the CI Tools Profile

If you already have the Installer in your computer.

Check out the Highlights of the Archicad 26 new Features.

If you have any trouble while installing or starting your tools, please contact myci@centralinnovation.com for further support.

Sign into MyCi to see more content https://myci.centralinnovation.com/

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