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Bulk Export and Import Custom Properties

Tips and Tricks Mark Deng 24 July 2020

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Bulk Export and Import Custom Properties

Recently I have come across a case where a customer has been requested by his manager to change the custom property “PartNo” for all the existing SOLIDWORKS files. There are tens of thousands of files that require modification and it could take weeks for a customer to do it manually.

Luckily Central Innovation has developed a tool #TASK to achieve this task.

In #TASK, we can use the macro “Bulk Property Export” to export files properties to an excel sheet:

Bulk Property Export

Once the export process is completed, the excel file will have the values for file path and custom properties captured. This will allow us to quickly modify the values for “PartNo” etc. using Excel tools.

using Excel tools

Now the modified property values in the Excel can be used to re-import to update all the files using the “Bulk Property Import”:

updating all the files using with Bulk Property Import

Once the task is complete, the custom property “PartNo” has been updated successfully for all the files:

Testing Assembly

If the files are managed in PDM vault, you can enable the PDM Plug-in in #TASK to allow automatically check-out and check-in on all files set in the task scope in #TASK:

PDM Plug-in manager

If there are tens of thousands of files you need to modify, you can leave #TASK running over the weekend and the job will be completed automatically.

I hope you find this useful.

Mark Deng
Applications Engineer
Central Innovation, NZ

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