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Can’t change element attributes?

Tips and Tricks Natalie Adams 9 March 2023

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Can’t change element attributes?

Representation in Archicad became so complex that sometimes you’ll find that you try to change some Element attributes (Line type, Pen, Fill, etc) and the applied settings don’t show up on your plans as per the settings.

Here are a few tips on what to check to troubleshoot:

1) On your selected view (floor plan, elevation, 3D view, etc.) hover over the object and a little palette will show up with information that will include:
– If there’s an active Graphic Override that would change the look of the plan
– If there’s an active Renovation status that might change the look of the plan

2) Also in the case of Elevations or Sections it’s possible that the Section / Elevation line’s Model Appearance settings include overwriting pen colours.

3) If you miss detail on objects / doors / windows / stairs, etc., check the applied level of detail under the Model View Options too.

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