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Ci Electrical – Customised Wall Plates

Ci in the Press Tips and Tricks Joshua Osborne 18 June 2021

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When you do have your Ci Electrical components placed, remember you aren’t stuck with what you see by default.

In particular, if you want to Customise your Wall Plates, there’s plenty of control to do that.

Just look in the Combination Plates folder you’ll see for each region, and select the Plate type that you want.

Choosing Combination Plates Folder

For instance, I want a Powerpoint with 1 switch and 2 non-switched sockets. So in the Powerpoint settings, I set the number of points to 3, and then in the Individual Powerpoints section, I set 1 of them to have a switch beside, and the other 2 to be just powerpoints:

Choosing powerpoint layout
custom plates output

You can use roughly the same steps to produce all sorts of custom plates.

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