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Ci Keynotes – Linking!

Tips and Tricks Joshua Osborne 27 November 2020


As you may know, one of the first things to do when working with the Ci Keynotes tool is to actually Import some notes, but did you know that you can Link them instead?

The advantage of linking your notes database is that if you then Edit or Add To your note database in some external application, or from a different Archicad file, all you need to do is hit the Update button on your Keynotes palette, and you’ll get all the changes right away!

To link your notes, just hit the Link button inside your Keynotes Manager, instead of the Import one, and then choose the TXT, CSV, or Keynotes file you want to link to.

Linking Keynotes

Then whenever you want to Update your project to the latest version of that file, just hit the Update button and you’re done!

Keynotes Dialog
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